Thread Vein Treatment

Reduce Leg Veins for Beautiful Legs

  1. 1Any area of the body can be treated
  2. 2Boosts self confidence
  3. 3Reduces blemishes, leaving skin flawless
Procedure time
From 15 minutes
Up to 2 weeks
Duration of results
Long term - results may vary

Also known as spider veins – these small, but prominent, dilated veins lie just below the skin’s surface. They often branch out, resulting in a “spidery” pattern, and can be found anywhere on the body, most commonly on the legs and face. Whilst they are harmless, they can be quite noticeable; our technicians will be able to advise on how best to treat any unwanted veins to leave you with flawless looking skin

Step by Step process


Before your treatment


The treatment


Post Treatment & Results


The area will be quite red after the treatment. They may be some associated swelling. Scabs may be formed in the treatment area and may take a full 2 weeks for the skin to completely heal, varying from person to person.

Please note that you can use mineral makeup to conceal the skin whilst healing.


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Thread Vein Treatment