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Mama Waxing

Mama Waxing

Highly trained therapists offer intimate waxing for mothers-to-be ahead of your new arrival.

Specifically designed to prepare and pamper the most intimate areas up to a week before the pushing begins. Expectant mothers should feel as calm and as comfortable as they can when their due date arrives.

Our maternity wax is designed to be as bespoke and pain-free as possible without compromising on effectiveness, leaving you soft, smooth and relaxed. Our professional therapists are trained to the highest standards, and will advise on custom wax blends for individual clients.

Most importantly, our therapists understand that a body in the 2-3 Trimester moves and behaves differently during pregnancy and needs to be treated accordingly.

In addition, our sumptuous treatment rooms have superior beds which can be adjusted to support tummies of all sizes carrying precious cargo and the sorest, most sensitive backs.


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Mama Waxing