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Hollywood Waxing

Soft and smooth finish that lasts

  1. 1Complete waxing around the intimate area
  2. 2Leaves skin soft and smooth
  3. 3Fast and efficient procedure
Procedure time
From 15 minutes
Duration of results
4-6 weeks

The name for Hollywood Waxing comes from the city where it first became mainstream. The procedure involves the use of low-temperature hot wax to remove all of the hair from the pubic region. All hair in the bikini area and all intimate areas (front and back) are removed until your skin is smooth.

Why choose Hollywood Waxing:

  • Highly experienced aestheticians
  • No downtime
  • Quick and effective
  • Say goodbye to razor burns and cuts

Step by Step process


The Process




There is no downtime for this procedure, you can resume your daily activities straight away. However, as with all waxing, your skin may appear red or irritated after the treatment. This only lasts for a short time depending on each person. We recommend wearing breathable underwear in order to avoid irritation.


Why should I have this procedure?

When can I have my next wax?

What’s the difference between a Brazilian and Hollywood Wax?


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Hollywood Waxing