GROUNDED BODY SCRUB Chocolate Orange Body Scrub


Meet the Chocolate Orange Coffee Scrub; A delicious smelling skin treat to give you flawless, soft and smooth skin everyday. Filled with Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-oxidants it will take your skin from Rough to Buff.

What’s Inside?
It’s made with a blend of skin loving ingredients such as Robusta Coffee, Cacao, Sweet Almond Oil, Sugar, Salt and Vitamin E to Scrub away dry skin, Moisturise, Cleanse, Tone, Tighten and Brighten Skin – all done in a 5-10 minute shower.

What’s not Inside?
Microbeads, Suphates, Fillers, Nasty Chemicals, Deas, DEET or Parabens.

PS – Some of our other customers say these scrubs also help with common skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Acne and Scarring.


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