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Struggling to keep up your new year fitness regime?

We were as well until we spoke to the super-motivational and rather gorgeous Olivia Cox! Blonde goddess, successful TV presenter and blogger (not to mention ex British army!) – we met up with Olivia recently and introduced her to the world of Strip. As well keeping up her golden glow with the help of our spray tan gurus, she also tried on a few pieces from our new athleisure range and we have to say we have never seen a Koral legging look better (*immediately gets out credit card to buy said leggings and attempt triceps).

 In between photo shoots, filming and working out we managed catch 5 minutes and find out what makes her tick!

1) Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?

I don’t really believe in resolutions because it’s just putting extra pressure on yourself. I started dry January and realised it’s much healthier to be more balanced rather than saying no entirely – I wanted a glass of wine so much more once I knew I couldn’t have one. I guess my main goal for this year is to be more positive and mindful of the present rather than constantly worrying about the past / future.

2) Tell us about your fitness routine…

I train twice a week with Kristy at Duo Chelsea, and outside of that I love running. I ran the London Marathon a few years ago, and this year I will do the Street Child Sierra Leone marathon.

3) What are your top tips to stay motivated?

Do something you love so it’s not so much of a chore. I’m really excited about learning to box – I genuinely look forward to the sessions, even though they’re pretty brutal!

4) Do you ever have ‘cheat’ days – if so what do you eat/do to relax?

Oh hell yes. My weekends are my own, and I try really hard not to be tempted to work during them. I’ve found that I crave routine, so I sometimes schedule in down time and force myself off my phone. I am gluten-free, and for a long time I thought carbs were the enemy because I didn’t understand it was the gluten affecting me. So my cheat food is over-loading gluten-free carbs. I get so much comfort from them.

5) What do you to wear to work out in?

I used to be in the army, so anything other that issued kit is the dream. I’m so excited that the athleisure trend has taken off – I love wearing kit that is functional and technically designed, but also looks cool. Brands such as We Are Handsome, Bjorn Borg, Koral, Varley, Pink Soda and Lululemon are my favourites.

6) Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Never sleep naked – you might need to move in a hurry.


So there we go Strip guys and gals… if you haven’t embraced the trend for activewear yet we highly recommend that you do so! A well cut pair of leggings will see through you right through the day, from a yoga class to brunch with friends and even lounging in front of the tv! Visit your nearest Strip boutique to discover new brands such as We Handsome, Koral and Bjorn Borg – these niche brands are gaining a cult following and will help you inject a little personality into your lycra!