Microneedling: What’s it all about?

Well we know that Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston are fans and that’s a pretty good start right?

Microneedling has been around for decades and involves puncturing the skin with tiny medical grade needles to activate the bodies repair mechanism, thus rejuvenating the skin. We know what you’re thinking… ouch! But because these needles are so super-fine all you will feel is a light prickling sensation, plus the precision technology of our microneedling system means that you won’t be scratching or damaging the delicate epidermis of your skin.

Being true skincare fanatics, we searched high and low to bring our clients the very latest technology and after much deliberation we decided to partner with Innopen to create our bespoke microneedling facials. We caught up with our friends over at Innopen to give you the lowdown on microneedling and find out why celebs are nutty about needles!


What can microneedling do that a normal facial can’t?

Our skin is primarily designed to act as a barrier to the outside world – it protects us against pollutants, the elements, dirt and disease so it makes sense that when we put products on it  – be that every day or as part of a facial, the products can only penetrate the skin so much. By using microneedles we create microscopic holes in the skin that allow the specific serums that we use to go much deeper into the skin and really work their magic. This, combined with the stimulating effect that Innopen has on our collagen and elastin will leave your complexion looking truly refreshed and rejuvenated.

What is the difference between Dermaroller and Innopen?

As technology has moved on we have been able to create more advanced microneedling devices. The more old fashioned ‘Dermaroller’ penetrate the skin at an angle and are more likely to cause tiny tears and scratches to skin, meaning skin takes more time to recover. Innopen enters the skin at a 90 degree angle and each penetration is controlled by the therapist for precise and controlled results. This also means it is easier to treat hard to reach areas such as the nose, upper lip and around the eyes. We can alter the needle depth depending on the skin concern and area being treated – essentially the deeper we go, the more we can achieve. People wanting to treat prominent scarring, deep wrinkles or stretch marks will be treated with deeper needles than those looking to simply rejuvenate the complexion.

Is it safe? And hygienic?

Absolutely. Although we need to create tiny holes on the surface of the skin to stimulate the repair process there isn’t any long-term damage to the skin. It is important to note that unlike many anti-ageing skin treatments this won’t thin or damage the skin over time – it promotes healthy skin renewal and regular Innopen clients notice that their skin is healthier, firmer and plumper. We use a new, sterile needle head for each client that is completely sealed and our therapists will work with the client to decide on the penetration depth, depending on what they are looking to achieve.

Who can benefit from an Innopen facial?

Anyone! Our clients tend to fall into several groups; those looking for an instant skin boost, a solution to scarring  or treatment for the signs of ageing. When working at a deeper level we can really help the body to start breaking down scar tissue and regenerate healthy cells; which over time can have a significant effect on the appearance of scars, including acne scars. Treating fine lines is relatively straightforward – you will see a significant improvement after your first treatment but to get to those deeper wrinkles we would recommend 3-6 visits to really ramp up the collagen levels in to skin and iron out those creases. For that instant hit – perhaps after a holiday or before a special occasion, we would recommend the ‘Collagen Boosting Facial’ which has a super quick recovery time and gives an instant glow. We also see a lot of brides coming in once or twice before their wedding just to get their skin super smooth and radiant ahead of their big day.

Does it hurt?

If performed correctly it shouldn’t hurt. When we are working with shorter needles you may notice a slight pressure/scratching feeling and for deeper treatments we can use a numbing cream to make the treatment more comfortable.

How long does my skin need to recover

The ‘Collagen Boosting Facial’ treatment is minimally invasive and most people leave our salon without any signs of redness or swelling – just a beautifully plump and smooth complexion! Those treating deeper wrinkles and scars – your  skin will undergo significant healing in the first 2 hours and after 24 hours it should feel back to normal. Those with super sensitive skin may need to give it 48 hours but any redness, swelling or heat should be gone within this time. The same goes for wearing makeup – it is advisable to let your skin breathe for the first day or after your Innopen treatment but it will really depend on the type of makeup you wear and how your skin reacts – you know you skin best so trust your instincts! To speed up the recovery process we can apply a cooling gel mask that will soothe and rehydrate the skin – plus it includes a relaxing hand and scalp massage!

How long does it take to notice a difference on my skin?

You will notice a difference from the very first treatment – skin will appear plumper, softer and smoother. Like with many facials though, the more treatments you have the bigger the benefits – after 3-6 treatments you will notice that scarring is less pronounced and fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable – the skin is plumper and appears younger.

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