Questions & Answers Waxing

If you're new to Waxing then you might well have some questions, you'll find answers to the most common questions here - just click on a question to view the answer!

If you have a question that isn't answered here please give us a call and we'll be only too happy to help you.

Q: What is the difference between hot wax and strip wax?

Q: Why is Strip waxing recognised as a less-painful experience?

Q: What is so unique about your wax?

Q: How long should my hair be for waxing?

Q: What bikini waxes do you offer?

Q: What is the etiquette for the various types of waxing on offer?

Q: Can I still have a bikini wax when I am on my period?

Q: I'm pregnant but I want a bikini wax. What do you recommend?

Q: Does it hurt?

Q: How long will the waxed area be hair free?

Q: Is it done with discretion?

Q: Will it be uncomfortable afterwards?

Q: What after-care do I need to follow?

Q: What is your booking policy for male brazilian/hollywood waxing?

Q: Will the therapist be male or female?

Q: What is the difference between male Hollywood and Brazilian waxing?

Q: Can I bring a child or pet with me?